About Diondre

I'm a Software Developer whose expertise lies in the development of server side applications/APIs. It's always a fun and rewarding for me to be able to build out an application and witness the finished result.

I'm always interested in learning about the lastest technologies, frameworks and libraries and how they can be used to solve real world problems. This has led me to explore front end technologies where I discovered React, my current favorite frontend library.

Areas of Interest

Back End Development

Using back-end technologies to design and build powerful Servers/APIs, using Javascript as my preferred language.

Cloud Computing

Learning and sharing knowledge in the world of App Development and Deployment for the cloud.

Front End Development

Exploring the world of front end development using the various Frameworks/Libararies

Favourite Technologies


Javascript (ES6)


Do you want to see more?

Take a look at my github to see some of the projects I've worked on

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