About DEWebGineer

Hi, my name is Diondre Edwards, a 23-year old software developer from the island of Barbados.

From a very young age I’ve been very passionate about the world of technology. This has motivated me to become a developer from seeing the impact software has on our lives. I am now able to see the impact my contributions can have. I strive for my work to positively impact the lives of many, which is why I’m always eager to learn as much as I can.

My expertise and preference lies in server side development mainly using Javascript (NodeJS) and PHP to a lesser scale as my prefered languages utilizing frameworks such as Express for Node and Laravel for PHP. From time to time, I also play around with front-end Javascript frameworks such as React and along with that React Native to build mobile applications.

DEWebGineer is my personal blog where I share the things I’ve learned and experienced so far as a professional software developer. This blog will also help me in retaining the knowledge of topics I come across in my work and research.

These topics will include areas I hope to broaden my knowledge and experience in such as:

  • Back End Development - APIs, Microservices etc.
  • Cloud Computing - Apps for the cloud
  • Workflow Optimization - Tools/Services that speed up development
  • Progressive Web App & Mobile App Development - Libaries such as React & React Native

Contacting Me

If you like to contact me you can get in touch with me using the contact page. I typically respond very quickly.